046 - 6/5/10

I leave a week from tomorrow! I'm too busy with cleaning and packing to put pictures in this, or give you any updates. Sorry!



So, on my CP I had 3 roommates, and we lived in a two bedroom, two bath. I rarely ever saw one of my roommates, and the other two drove me insane. I always seem to have issues with roommates, and that ultimately is what cut my first program short. If you have an issue with your roommate, try to work it out with them BEFORE you go to the housing supervisors. That’s like going to your boss if you had an issue with a co-worker and didn’t even tell the co-worker. If you think you’ve upset your roommate, ask them. Don’t just go complain about one roommate either. If one of them has a problem with you, I bet every single one of them does too. And if you get someone kicked out for something stupid, don’t expect anyone to like you anymore.

Can you tell I’m speaking from experience? My roommate knew I had an issue with her, as I had made it EXTREMELY clear. However, instead of trying to fix the issue, she just ran to housing. In the end, I was terminated from my program, and no one spoke to that roommate from then on. Just remember those kinds of things, especially if you’re living with more than one other person. If you don’t want to talk to that roommate directly, talk to another roommate. Just don’t ever go above them without trying other means. That’s messed up.


Not only is it amazing to get to work for Disney, but you’re going to meet some amazing (and not so amazing) people on your program. Two of my best friends in the entire world (my California besties, as I like to call them) did the program with me. They actually worked ODV as well. As far as the not so amazing people, they’re pretty easy to ignore. At least, they were in California, and Florida is WAY bigger program size wise (try saying that three times fast). As for romantic relationships, I definitely wasn’t looking to find one during my program, but I happened to end up finding two. I dated a guy in the program for a few weeks, but things just didn’t work out. Then, I dated a guy that worked in ODV with me, and ended up having to leave. All I can tell you about that is to make sure your roommates are OK with the guys/girls you bring over. If they don’t, you’re going to be the least favorite roommate, and quickly. I was lucky enough that my roommates adored my first boyfriend, and then the second one lived nearby, so we never were at my apartment. Also, try not to date someone in your work location. That can get awkward. Or someone that works somewhere you like going, like a favorite attraction or restaurant. If you do, and things don’t work out (which they probably won’t), that place is going to be ruined for you.


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