038 - 5/22/10

I think I figured something out for J. It isn't going to be very long, but I think a lot of you will find it helpful. It also isn't Disney-correct, but please don't hurt me for that! Anyways, on to today's letter!


Job Hours

So, I know that technically this post should be "Role Hours" but then I wouldn't have anything for the letter J! Anyways, from the sounds of it hours at WDW are different for CPs than they are at DLR. According to what I've been hearing, CPs work a lot of late nights down in Florida. However, I don't remember that being the case when I was in California. In fact, about 85% of the time, I had to be at work before the park even opened. I only remember one or two shifts when I worked any later than eight or nine at night. Usually when I had to be up early, my roommate was up pretty early too. She was a Vacation Planner, and her hours seemed to vary a little more. Vacation Planners at DLR are the same as Main Entrance Operations at WDW. She worked the ticket booths and parade control mainly, which is why she would work later sometimes. I also had friends working various QSFB, Merch, and Attraction locations, and a majority of the time, they were off at night too. I know this because we used to get big groups together and go to the park at night. Plus, there were a lot of drunk girls stumbling around the apartments relatively early on in the night. So, if you're going to DLR and thinking you're only going to be working night shifts, don't get your hopes up. Working early is nice though, because then you have a majority of your day left to do whatever you please.

037 - 5/19/10

I'm thinking I might just skip J. I've been racking my brain for the last week, and the only things that have J in them don't really have anything to do with anything. I could do it on the Jungle Cruise, but I really can't stand that ride. I could do it on January, like Kristin did, but I didn't make it to January on my first program.  No one is giving me any ideas, so I'm at a loss. If I still haven't thought of anything for J by Friday, I'm going to move on to K. 

Congrats to everyone checking in today! I'm definitely jealous, but not ready to leave. My best friend just came home from Delaware for two months, so I'm trying to spend as much time with her as possible before I have to leave.