030 - 4/22/10

I promise I haven't forgotten about this blog. I'm just not really in a blogging mood lately. Hopefully in May things will get back into the swing. Who knows. I'm sorry! I just feel like I'm only doing this for myself, and it seems pointless.

029 - 4/19/10

This everyday thing is definitely harder than I originally thought. Well, today is D! This letter was also really hard.


Company D

So, the odd thing about this picture is that I found it on flickr, but I actually know the guy in the picture! So weird! Anyways, Company D is the CM store. Things are super discounted, and there's not only merchandise from the parks, but also furniture and such from the resorts. This was probably one of my favorite places to go. There is also CM only merch, which is pretty cool. Word to the wise, however, I would highly suggest not wearing a CM shirt or anything of the sort around Anaheim/DLR. People won't think you're cool, especially considering a majority of them either work there, have worked there before, or know someone that works there. It's definitely more of a fun "back at school/home" thing to have. That's just my opinion though.