060 - 7/23/10

It seems as though I'm slacking on posting, but in reality, nothing eventful has been happening. At least, not enough to post more than once a week. I literally spend five days a week being lazy and then going to work. Then, on my days off, the last thing I want to do is sit at home. However, the only time eventful things happens is on my days off. So, here I am, waiting to go to work, telling you all about my lovely days off this week.

First of all, I just want everyone to understand how much I love working here. Yes, I work in quick service, and it may not be the most glamorous job. However, my fellow cast members and the guests I interact with make every day a good one. On Monday, I worked register and interacted with a lot of amazing guests. One family came through my line with a traveler's check, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. Then, they came back through and the dad was trying to figure out how much change he had. I helped him out, and then he kiddingly said that he was going to come back and get it down. Sure enough, on Tuesday he came through my line about three different times and knew the change he had every time. It was so funny to interact with him. He really liked using my name too, which is always fun. Tuesday was overall just a good day. About ten minutes into my shift, a guest I had interacted with on Monday came up to me, and told me that his family was leaving on Wednesday morning and they weren't eating at Roaring that night, but that my smile had made their stay what it was. Things like that are exactly why I'm here. That evening, my manager (big boss manager) told me that I had done an awesome job handling my line today, and then told me I was allowed to have either a candy bar or bag of chips, because I had won the "guest service award" of the night. Basically, my Tuesday was awesome.

Wednesday, Morgan, Isabelle, and I all went to HS for the day. It was also the 21st, which means that there is less than a month until my birthday!!! Anyways, we decided to go on Toy Story Mania, which of course I dominated. We then did the backlot tour, and Star Tours. Afterwards, Morgan and I rode ToT, while Isabelle went on the hunt for popcorn. After ToT, we were walking down the street, and some lady literally ran over Isabelle. I could understand hitting someone, but to continue to drive your stupid little motorized scooter into her?! Really?! I was mad. Really mad. She didn't seem to speak english, but she sure thought it was funny that she had run over Isabelle's heel. Morgan then pointed out the fact that the woman clearly was not in any hurry, as she continued to travel, at about a snail's pace, down the road. After that, we headed over to meet some characters, and draw others. We ended up meeting Lotso, and then Morgan headed out to get ready to go out for the evening. Isabelle and I drew a green alien, and then met Pocahontas. After Pocahontas, we got in line to meet Goofy, who was in an extra goofy mood. I asked him if I could take a picture with him, and he got all shy. Then, he refused to let go of me, which was cute. I told him I needed to go, and he had more people to meet, so he decided to propose to me. Of course, I said yes, and then we paraded around the building. It was adorable really. I think Goofy might just be my new favorite character. Overall, I had a lot of fun on Wednesday. 

I'll have to tell you about Thursday some other time. It's time to go to work. In the pouring down rain.