044 - 6/2/10

Have you ever noticed that when you're a little bit stressed, it seems like you're suddenly extremely stressed? Yeah, well that's my life right now. Between school and moving and packing I'm just exhausted from how stressed out I am. As we speak, I have a horribly horrible migrane. I attempted to pack a little today, and ended up filling my suitcase with about six pairs of jeans. Do I need six pairs of jeans? I doubt it. However, I just downsized from about 20 pairs to six, so that's getting somewhere at least, right? I'm currently super tired, so I'm just going to quickly post today's letter.


Pink's Hot Dogs

One day, a FT asked me if I had ever been to Pink’s. Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about, and still probably wouldn’t know if he had never filled me in. He suggested we take a late night drive down to Hollywood (about an hour away) so I could experience Pink’s. We ended up getting there at about 1AM (they always close at 1 or 2), and the line was about a half hour long! During the day, the line can completely wrap around the building, it’s intense. The hot dogs are SO good, and they aren’t really expensive either. They have a valet guy that will park your car for you, and he is so nice. If you want the ultimate hot dog experience, I would highly recommend going to Pink’s! Whatever you do though, go to the original in Hollywood, not one of those new locations like Knott’s or LAX or Planet Hollywood.


If you live in CP housing and plan on bringing a car, you're more than likely going to have to park it down the block and around the corner. There is parking under the complex, but it seems to be reserved for the actually permanent residents of the complex. If you work late at night and plan on driving, please find someone to go home with you. The walk from the parking structure to the apartments is scary. I always made sure I had at least one person with me at night. Honestly, that area is sketchy. Katie and I had a terrifying encounter with some overly friendly guys at the Von's one night, so trust me. I'm not saying to stay in and never leave, just be aware of your surroundings. Parking at the parks is free, as long as you have your CM ID. You can park at Mickey and Friends or Lion King, but using your ID won't work at DTD. I'd suggest Mickey and Friends because its the easiest to get in and out of from the apartments. Plus, Lion King tends to be closed. If you're running to DTD for dinner or a movie though, just park in their lot. It makes life easier.


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