045 - 6/3/10

I get on a jet plane (Jet Blue to be exact) in TEN DAYS! Well, closer to nine now. I'm getting so excited! I've started packing, and I feel like space bags are a joke. People keep saying amazing things about them, but they're not working very well for me. There must be some trick to them that I don't understand. Oh well though, I've still got a week to pack. Tomorrow, my best friend in the whole entire world is coming to get me from school, because she's awesome like that. I have a ride over to the west side this weekend, and then she bailed (good thing we were never really friends). So, now Hope is coming to get me, and then my mom is taking me back on Monday afternoon. I'm going to miss being a two hour drive away from home. Its far enough away, but not too far. Florida is too far, that's for sure. I plan on doing a lot of tanning while I'm home this weekend. I really need some color before I leave. I have gone tanning in like 3 weeks, I've been so busy with other things (Hope and Hunter).  Today I finally finished my web design project (on Hollywood Studios) and my religion paper (so so easy). So now, all I have to focus on is packing really. I mean, I have three finals next week, but they're all easy and/or allow notes. SO... on to today's letter!



On my program, about 90% of the CPs were either QSFB, ODV, Merchandising, or Attractions. Of that 90%, about 75% of those were QSFB or ODV. I dated a guy that worked QSFB at Village Haus, and I was friends with a few people that worked Main Street QSFB. Depending on where you're working, you could be at one location or a few. That's the same with almost any role though. Main Street QSFB consists of Coke Corner, Gibson Girls, and (I believe) the corn dog cart. That last one might be its own though. Oddly enough, one of my roommates work at the Hungry Bear, but she was trained at the Main Street Market too. The way Disney works definitely confuses me sometimes. Even if you're trained at one location, you could possibly be trained at another. My favorite QSFB location is definitely the corn dog cart on Main Street. I like the corn dogs at DCA too, but the one on Main Street just makes me smile.


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