043 - 6/1/10

It's finally June! Oh my gosh how time is flying! Now, if only it could be June 14 already! Today is going to be relatively short, considering I'm super tired. I stayed up way too late last night watching this amazing show I was just recently turned onto: Firefly. Yeah, it was on in like 2000, but its a good show! O is all about what I did at Disneyland!



When I worked at Disneyland, my role was Outdoor Vending. Well, at DLR its Outdoor Vending at least. At DCA, they call themselves Outdoor Ventures, but it’s all the same really. From what I hear, ODV is now part of QSFB, as opposed to being its own department. I may be wrong though, as I heard this through the grapevine. Basically, I sold churros, popcorn, pretzels, ice cream, cotton candy, turkey legs, chimichangas, frozen lemonade, and beverages of all sorts. At nights, you could also work the glow cart, which is all the pretty light up stuff before the parades and fireworks. Oh, and we sold balloons too! In other words, Disneyland would be nothing without us. ODV is one of the only departments where you could be scheduled in Tomorrowland on Monday, Critter Country on Tuesday, and then Main Street on Wednesday. It was fun to always be in a different place, but also slightly frustrating. You’re only allowed to check out three costumes at a time, but you could be in four or five different lands over the course of a week. Plus, I don’t know how many times I would forget where I was when I was directing a guest to a specific attraction or the restrooms. I never got bored though, that’s for sure. Especially once I got trained at DCA, because then I could work anywhere. The one downside of DCA is that almost all the ODV carts had cash registers. At DLR, we did everything out of our five pocket apron and did the math in our heads. After doing that for a month and a half, using a register just slowed things down SO much. Two years ago, ODV was the largest department in all of Disneyland. That made it really easy to pick up shifts, and give them away too. Even though I wasn’t really looking forward to ODV, I ended up loving it and making a ton of friends! This picture is of the popcorn stand in front of the castle (clearly) and is actually the original popcorn stand from when the park opened. It’s one of my favorite ODV carts to work. That weird blob in the middle of the picture is where the drinks are usually displayed. This stand hadn't been set up yet.


Andrew said...

Firefly is an awesome show! Make sure you check out Serenity after you finish the series.

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