024 - 4/8/10

My washer just ate my brand new comforter. I'm extremely upset about this. Here I am, just trying to do some laundry, and the machine ATE it! Maybe I can exchange it, even though I got rid of the bag already. Seeing as how my mom works at JCP and all. 

Today, I attempted to get some things figured out with my school about transferring and the College Program and such. Wow, that sure was a joke. I'm confused as to how someone can work in Career Services or the Advising Center and be absolutely no help. The advisor I spoke to told me that it would be pointless to get my AA in Washington, considering it most likely won't transfer to Florida. That was the only useful piece of advise I got all day. Basically, the people that work at my school are completely inept and I just need to talk to the people at UCF to figure out the route I need to take. Career Services also had nothing positive to say about the program, which really irritated me. The woman was complaining about how she has internship paperwork from Spring that still hasn't been signed by Disney. The way I look at it, that is the responsibility of the person doing the internship, not Career Services. I could get that paperwork signed in less than 24 hours if I needed to, simply because I know who to talk to! I told her that I had a complicated situation and her response was, "Of course you do. EVERYTHING with Disney is complicated!" Actually, that is the least of my complications. I feel like maybe I should be doing her job, since she obviously doesn't seem to know what she's doing. 

OK, enough of my ranting. Today has just been a frustrating day. On a Disney note, I've made a decision. A lot of people really enjoy pin trading, but I've just never been able to get into it. However, something that really does excite me are Vinylmations! I've never actually seen one, as they were introduced to the parks after my last visit. They seem so cool! I've decided that with every paycheck (maybe every other), I'm going to purchase a Vinylmation. They just seem like an awesome collectible, and the designs are amazing! The Parks Collection seem like they would be my favorite, but I'm really excited to find out more about Vinylmation Jr. Do any of you have something you'd like to collect or already do collect that's Disney related? Do any of you collect Vinylmations?

Another thing I collect are seasonal Mickey ears. On my first CP, I waited until November 1 to get Halloween ears (stupid, I know) and searched high and low to only be unsuccessful. A woman in line ahead of me at WOD literally had the LAST pair of the adorable pumpkin Mickey ears I was hunting for! It was a devastation of sorts to say the least. When I went down to visit for Christmas, I made sure I got a pair of snowman ears, which I love! This program, I'm going to make sure I don't wait until the last minute to get those ears! Oddly enough, about a month ago the Disney Warehouse at the Supermall had those pumpkin ears! They were like $5! Of course I bought them! It still isn't the same though. It's like the difference between buying a shirt for $40 at a concert, or waiting until you get home and buying the same exact shirt for $25 online. They may be the same exact thing, but you know it just isn't the same.


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