023 - 4/7/10

There are only 66 days and 12 hours until I leave for Florida. At least, I think that's right. Today, I e-mailed my advisor because I needed to discuss some things with her (College Program, transferring, how close I am to at least having my AA) and the e-mail came back to me. I was really confused, so I tried again. It still came back to me. So I decided to call the Advising Center, and she doesn't work here anymore! I'm pretty sure she had a baby. Can you say frustrating? Especially considering I absolutely loathe my other advisor. They did tell me, however, that they're doing walk ins tomorrow and someone can help me. Hopefully they'll actually be some help. It seems like every advisor or department chair I've ever talked to (other than the one I was trying to see) just wants to lead me in the opposite direction of what I have planned.

As of right now, my plan is to transfer to Pierce (the community college near my mom's house), and attempt to get my AA, just so I have something easier to transfer. Hopefully I'll be able to do Distance Learning, considering I'm going to attempt to do this while I'm in Florida. Once I've got that done, I really want to transfer to UCF and double major in Hospitality Management (Theme Park and Amusement Management) and Marketing (Retail Management Certificate). I just think I'll be a million times happier doing that than I am right now. I thought Fashion Merchandising was going to be my thing, but I'm just so fed up with the classes I have to take for this degree. If this is what a career in this field will be like, then I'm out.

I've started making a packing list in my head for Florida, but I haven't actually written any of it down yet. As soon as I do, I'll post it on here for all of you!


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