022 - 4/6/10

Nothing exciting today. Tuesdays are now officially worse than Mondays. I'm in class from 10AM - 5PM with only an hour break! I've also decided today that I'm probably done with Fashion Merchandising. I love the careers I could go into, but the major itself isn't worth my time. Especially considering Nordstrom (my fashion dream job) doesn't really care about education. They care more about experience, and I already have experience working for them. Things will work out accordingly I guess.

I'm pretty sure my friend Katie isn't going to be doing the program after all. Her date to accept has already passed, and she doesn't seem to be jumping to get a hold of Disney. Oh well though. I'm still just as excited to go down. Maybe she'll come visit. Too bad that merch position couldn't go to me! 

I'm ready for bed, but 16 & Pregnant is on in a half hour. That show is so addictive! I'm going to get some reading done for my classes before it starts!


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