057 - 7/10/10

I currently have about an hour to spare before work, so I figured I'd try getting back into my semi-regular updating pattern. Yesterday, I went to Downtown Disney, and bought a few things that I had been eyeing since I got here. I also went to Wolfgang Puck Express and got a kid's mac and cheese. Oh my gosh was it delicious! After I was done at DTD, I headed over to the Post Office, so I could mail Hope all of Hunter's birthday stuff. I also JUST realized that I forgot to get him a Happy Birthday button! Oh well I guess. The nice thing about the DTD bus is that I can go directly from there to the Post Office. However, my George Foreman was broken during its travels with USPS, and that Post Office doesn't handle claims. Not having a car is becoming more and more of a hassle as the days go by. 

I almost didn't make it to the bus in time for work yesterday, because of all my adventures in the morning. However, I walked onto the A bus right as it was leaving Chatham, so that worked out nicely. Work was so slow yesterday, and today is supposed to be even slower. I can't understand why the weekend is slower than the rest of the week! I felt like I did a whole lot of nothing yesterday, which made me feel bad for even being at work.

I'm one of those people that doesn't believe in wasting company money. If you don't need me, I'd be happy to go home. If you really really need me though, I'd be happy to stay late as well. I'm thinking I'll put in for an ER today. considering I would like to go get a few groceries. 

Going to bed at 2:30 and waking up at 10:30 was a lot more difficult that I had anticipated it to be this morning. I'm going to go chug another cup of coffee before I have to leave.


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