058 -7/12/10

Tomorrow is our first apartment inspection, and I just spent the last few hours making sure everything is actually up to par. Today, I was scheduled to work 1:30-7:30, but ended up going home at 5 because I wasn't feeling well. Those of you that know me are aware of the fact that I never really get sick. If I am sick, I'm severely sick though. So, when I started feeling light headed and nauseous at work, I knew something was up. I took my break, and still didn't feel any better, so my manager told me I could go home because we were really slow. I felt really bad about leaving, especially considering the fact that I had gotten an ER on Saturday as it was. I ended up coming home and taking a nap for about an hour. I woke up feeling a little better, but knew I needed to clean, so that's what I've been doing for the last three hours or so. I also made myself tacos for dinner, and they were yummy.

There are auditions for Rapunzel on the third and fourth, and I'm really excited because I'm hoping to go. Being in entertainment really would be a lot of fun. Not that I don't enjoy my job, but how fun would it be to say that you were a character performer for Disney?

Tomorrow are inspections, as I stated earlier, and then I work from 3-9, I believe. Its really nice not having to close all the time. Getting home at two in the morning really isn't my favorite thing in the world. I'm pretty sure that my days off are going to start being Wednesday and Thursday, which is totally fine with me. 

This Wednesday, I'm going to two different Disney classes, which I'm pretty excited about. From 1-2:30, I'm going to be taking a class called Create Connections with Diversity Resource Groups. Then, from 6-8, I'll be attending the College Program Alumni Speaker Series: Human Resources. They both sound like really interesting classes, and my goal is to take advantage of as many learning opportunities as possible while I'm here. They're also both at Chatham, which makes things that much easier for me. On August 6, I've also signed up to take a class at Disney University called The Walt Disney Family: A Legacy Continues. Then, on August 31, there are going to be Spotlight On classes at Disney University that I am extremely interested in. One is Guest Relations, which is my dream job. The other is Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings, which I am totally interested in. I love that there are so many amazing things for us to experience down here, and they can only make me a better person in the long run.

On a completely different note, I officially have four Vinylmations, and one Vinylmation Jr. They're so adorable!!! I'm not a fan of pin trading, but these are so cute!

Well, I'm heading to bed. I probably shouldn't be up this late anyways, considering I'm not feeling very good. I'll try to update you all on the classes on either Wednesday or Thursday. Thursday I'm planning on going to the mall and grocery bingo though, so we will see what happens!


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