055 - 7/7/10

First and foremost, happy fourth of July! I promise, I haven't forgotten about my blog, I've just been super tired all week. I've been working the morning shift, which is 7-3:30. However, in bus time, that means 5AM-5:15PM. My week has been extremely long and eventful, but thankfully today was my last day of training. That means I get to go back to nights, starting tomorrow. Training was really simple, and my job honestly doesn't seem very difficult. All of my trainers seemed to think that I understood things pretty well, so that's always a good thing. The only hard part of training this week was waking up at five every morning. Pretty much, I was taught stuff I already knew from closing, except I was taught how to open them, and switch things from breakfast to lunch/dinner. That's probably the hardest thing, switching over from one meal to another. The registers here are the same as DCA was, so that made that part much easier. One of my favorite things is the fact that there are  machines to count your money, instead of doing it all by hand! I was so excited when I found that out! Plus, the two days I trained on cash, my till was only off by like forty cents or less. 

I know some of you probably want to know what face auditions were like, so I'll fill you in. 

So, that was on the fourth, when I started this blog. However, on the fourth, I then proceeded to fall asleep at 7:30PM and not wake up until 9:15AM. Those days of waking up at five were kicking my butt, but luckily I missed all the fireworks. Anyways, today is the seventh, and hopefully I'll actually finish this blog right now. If not, I will definitely finish it before work tomorrow. I know you're all dying for an update!

So, back to face auditions:

Ashlynn, one of her roommates, and I all pile into her Dodge at like 7:30 in the morning, because check in starts at eight, and we didn't know where we were going really. Her GPS/directions get us lost, and we end up at Animal Kingdom parking, and the guy gets us even more lost than we already were. Finally, we make it to DAK costuming, where the auditions are held, and we walked into a room full of girls all dressed up. Mind you, the three of us are in sweats. Clearly there was a memo that we didn't get. There were a few other girls in sweats. but mostly girls were in dresses and heels. Especially the girls that were already in entertainment. We got into the line for non-entertainment, and got ourselves measured and such. According to Disney, I'm 64.5" tall, which was just tall enough for Videa. Once we were measured, we sat down and started talking to some girls that sat next to us. There seemed to be a lot of CPs at the audition, as well as a lot of girls already in entertainment. After sitting for about an hour, we were asked to line up in number order, and then taken into a smaller room. One room was entertainment, and the other room was other lines of business. I have no idea what went down in that other room, but in the one for other LOB, we sat for another half hour or so just chit chatting about what to expect. Finally, a lady came in, and basically told us that they were going to walk down all the rows and look at our faces. If we looked like Videa, we made it to the second round. If we didn't, that was that and we went home. So, out of over fifty girls, only two made it past the first cut. Lesson being, Disney knows what they want for a character. It was definitely a fun experience, and even though I didn't make it past the first round, now I know how simple it all is.

That's all I'm going to do for today, but I'll try my hardest to finish this update on Thursday or Friday.


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