040 - 5/29/10

I was going to do the letter L about Los Angeles, but I thought that would be way too easy. Instead, I decided to share a little story with all of you (from a DCP e-mail I received when it happened). I used to live an hour outside of Vegas, so I can vouch that the drive really isn't that long. Granted, its mainly desert, but still. If you're 21, you'd probably enjoy a weekend trip to Vegas. Especially if you get lucky, like Sarah did.


Las Vegas

So Sarah heads off to Vegas with Mom to do a little celebrating for her 21st birthday. They're getting ready to head out when Sarah realizes she has a $5 play slip for MGM and needs to spend it.  So she plops down at a penny slot machine, and bet the max, a whopping 40 cents, twice. The first 7 comes up, then another, and another and another and then the 5th 7 appears, bells and whistles ringing, lights flashing and Sarah and her Mom sitting there wondering how many pennies 77777 pays out! That's when the gentleman sitting next to her (likely kicking himself at this very minute for choosing the wrong machine) points up and says, I think you just won that car....! Who says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Sarah, congratulations and we're sure, a very happy birthday to you indeed!


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