039 - 5/26/10

I can't believe I have less than three weeks until I'm in Florida! I've started packing (very very slowly) and it's getting me more excited. I also only have a week and a half left of classes, which is extremely exciting. Every day I seem to have some issue or another with this school, and I cannot wait to leave. Well, I just noticed I may need to start doubling up on letters, considering I leave in 18 days and all. For today though, I've only got one: K.


Knott's Berry Farm

My mom and I decided to go down to California for Thanksgiving, about a month after I left my program. She found a really good rate at the Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel, so we ended up staying there. We also had our Thanksgiving dinner at Knott’s. The hotel room was pretty nice, but our dinner wasn’t all that great. We were told it was supposed to be a character meal, but there were no characters. Plus, we had a really long wait even though we had reservations. We actually had no intentions of even going to the park, but ended up going Thanksgiving night because we had nothing else to do and the admission was relatively inexpensive by the time we decided to go. I’ve got to say though, it was disappointing. Maybe its from spending all that time at Disneyland, but it just seemed dirty. Plus, the employees seemed to hate their jobs. The rides were OK, but definitely not worth the lines we had to stand in. Overall, I’d say not to waste your money. If you know someone that can get you in for cheap, then maybe. Otherwise, save your money or go to Magic Mountain.


Andrew said...

I've never been to Knott's Berry Farm because I've heard it's not all that great... guess I heard right.

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