011 - 3/26/10

Today has been such a long day. The worst part is that we barely even left the house! You don't realize how much work a baby is until you're with one for over a week. I love baby Hunter to death, but he is such a handful! He's just starting to crawl and stand up by himself, and with that comes a lot of, "Hunter! NO!" and chasing him around. Boy oh boy is it exhausting. On top of all that, he cries so much! On the plus side though, he's absolutely adorable and his laugh is probably my favorite noise is the world. I honestly have no idea how Hope does this all day, every day, but she deserves an award or something! I leave on Sunday afternoon, and tomorrow is my last full day here. I'm sad that I'm leaving, but I'm ready to get back in the swing of things at home.

Once I get home on Monday, I'm moving out of my apartment and into a lovely house down the road from school. I'm a little apprehensive about the walk to school, but at least its spring quarter, so the weather shouldn't be too bad. Well, except the fact that it's supposed to SNOW on Tuesday, which is the first day of classes! I'm also really looking forward to my classes this quarter. All but one are actually in my major, which is a nice feeling. The only breadth requirement I have left is Introduction to Religion, which should be an interesting class. My friends keep question why I (the least religious person you will ever meet) am taking a class about religion. Honestly, it was either that or some lame philosophy class. Plus, religion really interests me in a historic sense, just not in practice (please don't take this as a cue to preach to me). Once I finish that class though, I'm done with all my breadth and gen ed requirements! Well, as long as my petition for my astronomy class from Pierce goes through.

I am so so so excited for my fashion classes this quarter! I'm taking Fashion Show Production and Basic Sewing Techniques. How fun does that sound?! The sewing class is going to be so long though! It's only once a week, but its FOUR hours long. I don't think I can sit still for that long. I honestly have no idea what the fashion show class is going to entail, but its relatively late at night (6:30-8:10), which is a little frustrating for me. I'm not looking forward to walking home at night from campus. The class sounds like its going to be a lot of fun though, so that's exciting!

I'm also taking two retail management classes this quarter. I'm not looking as forward to those, but they still sound fun. I'm taking Web Site Construction, which is just the 400 level version of Web Fundamentals, which I took last year. Definitely not my favorite class, mostly because I'm not at all a creative person. It wasn't too hard though, either. Plus, being able to create a fully functional, 16 page website is pretty legit. The other class I'm taking is Leadership and Supervision, and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. My teacher has already posted our syllabus, but it seems like a foreign language to me! I'm hoping for the best though, considering it's a class in my major and all.

I'm also really excited to go to the gym. I know that sounds lame, but after not really working out all of spring break, I realize how much I enjoy going! I have like a six hour break on Thursdays, so that's probably going to be an intense work out day for me. Especially considering my new place is so far away, its pointless to go home and come back. I'm also done by eleven on Fridays, so I'll probably work out then, too. I really want to be toned for Florida. I don't really want to lose any pant sizes or anything, but I want to have some definition to my body. Getting back into my normal eating routine is going to be a nice change as well. I feel like I've eaten so horribly all of break! It was all so good though! I miss my salads and grilled chicken and Kashi cereal and coffee. Having a dishwasher in my new place is going to make my life so much easier! I'm very excited. 

Once the quarter starts, I need to officially declare my Retail Management Technology major and my Tourism Management minor. I've already started taking the classes, but it isn't official yet. All I have to do is fill out some papers, but it seems like so much work! The funny part is that I already have the papers filled out and everything, I'm just too lazy to go give them to the departments. I also need to sit down with all my advisors and find out how exactly internship credits work, as well as how possible it is going to be to do Distance Learning for Fall 2010. I'm already so far behind, I don't want to dig myself any deeper in that hole. If CWU can't accommodate me going to school in the fall, I might look into what Pierce can do for me. Hopefully things will fall into place. If not, I'll just make it work. I seem to be really good at that.

Well, I think that's enough for tonight. I'm going to watch Project Runway from last night and head to bed. Actually, I might just head to bed. I'm exhausted!


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