010 - 3/25/10

So, considering the fact that I've only ever been to WDW once, I've decided to make a list of things I want to do while I'm down in Florida. Some things I've done before, and others I haven't. Some are about Orlando and the surrounding area, and some are about WDW. The list is a work in progress, so I might add to it later. Here we go:

  • Attempt riding Dinosaur again. (When I went on it last time, I almost cried. That has got to be the loudest ride I've ever been on)
  • Get SCUBA certified (I have no idea where or how) and do the DiveQuest experience at EPCOT
  • Take in all the little things, like the entertainment and attractions that always get overlooked. (At DLR, I was amazed at how great some things were that I'd never even thought about "wasting my time" doing on vacation. The Animation Academy at DCA was so much fun, and I've heard there is one at DHS!)
  • Take a few classes at Disney University. (My resume could use some serious work)
  • Stay at one or two of the Disney Resorts. (I've never stayed at one before!)
  • Go to Blizzard Beach. (I've never been to either of the water parks, and I have no desire to go to Typhoon Lagoon)
  • Check out DisneyQuest. (Another one of those things I didn't get to do last time)
  • See Cirque du Soleil La Nouba. (I've heard its really good)
  • Go on Characters in Flight at DTD. (A hot air balloon ride?! I'm down!)
  • Go to a show at House of Blues. (I attempted to do that at DLR, but I didn't want to go see CIWWAF by myself. Talk about a waste of $35!)
  • Attend a Sunday Gospel Brunch at House of Blues. (I'm not at all a religious person, but this sounds like so much fun!)
  • Get a t-shirt from Design-A-Tee at DTD. (I wonder if I could put Jessica Rabbit on a shirt!)
  • Buy bags and bags of gummy worms! (You won't understand or appreciate this until you taste them for yourself. Disney does something to them, I don't know what, but they're addictive!)
  • Get my grandpa a shirt from the Harley-Davidson Store at DTD. (He collects them. Well, he used to at least.)
  • Go to Beaches & Cream and get the Kitchen Sink! (I plan on doing this for dessert on my birthday. Good end to turning 21, right?)
  • Dress up and go to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. (Its worth it just for the candy!)
  • Attempt to beat Jaime at Toy Story Mania when he comes to visit. (He beats me every time! I don't know how!)
  • Buy something at the Festival of the Masters. (One-of-a-kind art? Count me in!)
  • Attempt to watch the Christmas Day Parade when it's taped in December. (I missed out on my first program. I was already gone.)
  • Go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. (They don't have that at DLR, so I definitely have to go!)
  • Watch the Candlelight Processional. (It seems pretty cool, but it isn't something I absolutely must do.)
  • Get a picture on all of the rides that offer them. (Tower of Terror is always my favorite!)
  • Go on a tour or two. (I'm not sure which ones yet, but I love the tours at DLR.)
  • Watch a Movie Under the Stars at the All-Star Resorts. (You probably have to stay there, so that would be killing two birds with one stone!)
  • Go on a carriage ride somewhere on property! (I've always wanted to go on one!)
  • Do a ride along at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. (I'm pretty sure I'll pee my pants, but it's totally worth it!)
  • Participate in as many Cast Member only activities as possible. (They're once in a lifetime opportunities!)
  • Collect a map from every park in every language. (They are definitely a good souvenir!)
  • Watch Fantasmic with Katie once she gets to Florida in August. (Not because I want to, just because she's obsessed!)
  • Have breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table. (Wait, I'm already planning on that one!)
  • Explore all of the resorts. (Jaime and I got to hang out at the Grand Californian's pool once on our day off. It was awesome!)
  • Visit Celebration! (The town Disney built? Yessir.)
  • Ride in the front of the Monorail. (So much fun!)
  • Get an annual pass to Universal and USE IT! (Why not?! They've got coasters!)
  • Buy something from every land in EPCOT. (Souvenir or food item. Doesn't matter to me!)
  • Get a birthday button! (On my birthday, of course!)
  • Watch the fireworks from a hammock on the Polynesian's beach. (They shouldn't be too loud there!)
This list could just keep going and going, but I honestly feel like I've really got a lot there! If I think of a lot more things, I might do a part two though.


    jazmine; said...

    your comments arent working on your blog :( so i'm going to comment on here!

    OMG DINOSAUR TERRIFIES ME TOO! The first time I went on we got stuck for half an hour and I just sat their crying with my head buried in my sister's shoulder.

    I recently went back and was determined to ride it until I was able to keep my eyes open through the whole thing. So I rode it probably 4 times and I kept my eyes open.. only I plugged my ears so it still doesn't could lol.

    Great list! we should try DINOSAUR together (:

    jazmine; said...

    hahaha wow please excuse my first few sentences hahah I was writing that in your formspring until I found out how to work your comments and just copied and pasted my comment lol

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