054 - 6/26/10

So, I realize that its been almost a week since I last blogged, and I apologize! It isn't so much that I've been busy, but more that I'm lazy/we've been having internet issues. I'm actually standing in my kitchen right now, making lunch, and doing this blog with my lovely ethernet cord connected to my computer.

So, Monday was spent going to Animal Kingdom with all three of my roommates. However, once we arrived, we split up and Isabelle and I ended up spending the day together. We had a lot of fun. I rode Everest for the first time!! It was awesome, even if I didn't see the Yeti.
After we rode Everest, we wandered around for a little, and realized it was entirely too hot. Plus, we were starving, so we decided to get lunch. We were going to get something quick service, but it was over $10 for an entree, so instead we went to Yak & Yeti, which was also air conditioned(!). We had a lovely window seat, with a view of a bunch of trees.
Isabelle got some broccoli and beef thing, and I got chicken lo mein. It was actually really good, and the atmosphere is really cool inside the restaurant.
After we ate lunch, I was determined to do some shopping. So, I ended up getting my first Vinylmation!!!! It's a Marie one too! I was extremely excited.
After I was done shopping, we headed over to Epcot for about an hour, because Isabelle had to work that evening. That night, Michelle and I got Chick-Fil-A and hung out at the Vista bus stop for entirely too long. Pretty exciting, right?

Tuesday was my first day of actually being at my resort, and it was my orientation class. It was a relatively large group (for the resort) of about 16 people. There were all kinds of people, from management to management interns, but I was the only CP. We had a lot of fun, spending most of the day sitting in a conference room drinking complimentary Coke beverages. We also toured the resort, both on stage and backstage. I learned a lot of interesting things, and even saw our "train museum". The story behind the Vacation Club villas at my resort is pretty awesome as well. I also got my costume that day, and it is NOT attractive. I mean, not many costumes are (except ODV on Main Street at DLR), but this one is probably the worst. Morgan calls me Lumberjack Kayla whenever she sees me in costume. That night, Isabelle and I went to MK, and did all kinds of fun things. Scariest thing ever though was when Big Thunder stopped on the last incline. I thought for sure that we were going to die. It was so scary, but luckily we survived. I still have no idea what happened.

Wednesday was another day of E-Learning, and again, I finished about 3 hours early. I got a tour of my work location, met one of my managers, and learned a lot about my trainer. She was super nice, and loved to talk (just like me). We spent a lot of time just chit chatting, which was fun. I was the only person in Food and Beverage from my orientation group, so there was no one else training with her. Once my day was over, I waiting for the bus for over an hour, and it never came. However, it was supposed to have come twice in that hour. I was literally in tears because I just wanted to go home. One of the bus drivers, who happened to have taken his lunch right as I started waiting, saw me still waiting when his lunch was over, and was nice enough to take me to TTC. That situation was just more of an incentive for me to get a car.

Thursday was my first actual day of OTJ training, and I was working the salad station. Basically, I spent the night making salads and sandwiches. It was really fun, and my trainer was nice, which is always a good thing. At the end of the night, my manager told me that she thought I did an awesome job talking to the guests, and then made an example out of me, which made me feel really good. Especially considering the fact that I ultimately want to end up at Guest Relations. 

Yesterday (Friday) I trained on the grill, which I'm definitely not a fan of. There are a lot of loud beeping noises, and when I mentioned it to my manager, she informed me that they never received my medical paperwork, so that was fun. The grill was definitely exhausting, but my trainer last night was hilarious. He was dancing around, and kept telling me how awesome I was doing. It wasn't too terrible, but the beeping was definitely freaking me out.

Today, I think I'm training in the dining room, which sounds like fun to me. Hopefully it is! Right now though, I need to get all my stuff together so I can catch the bus. My next day off is Monday, so I should have an update then or Tuesday. Oh, and I'm going to character auditions on Tuesday! I'll let you all know how that goes. They're for Vidia, the newest of Tinkerbell's friends.

053 - 6/20/10

So, I thought yesterday wasn't going to be very eventful, so I was going to wait until today to blog. However, I was horribly mistaken. Let me recap for you all:


My morning was spent sitting around, waiting for Karl to be ready to go, so I could go get my coffee machine and mattress pad. Finally, at like 3:30, he was ready to go, and picked me up. After dealing with some serious hassles at JCP, I finally got my things, and we came back to Chatham. By that time, Isabelle was home, so we decided to head to Hollywood Studios for the evening. When we left, it was ridiculously hot and sunny outside. We got to HS, and made a beeline for Rock-n-Roller Coaster's single riders line. Ironically, we ended up sitting together anyways (I love when that happens). Afterwards, we realized how incredibly hungry we were, so we went to find some food. Isabelle has never had a Disney corn dog, so I was on a mission for her to try one. Of course, the only place to find them is in the back corner of the park. So, we get all the way there, and the place is closed! Then, to top it off, it starts pouring! We figured it would quickly pass, but we were horribly mistake. We were near the umbrella from Singing in the Rain, so we hid under it for a minute or so.
After we realized that wasn't going to work, we booked it for the merch cart nearby, which had cover! The guy working the place was actually on the CP, and from Puerto Rico. He was super funny, and we hung out with him and chit chatted for like an hour. During this time, lightening was striking the building we were at, and it was SUPER loud. I didn't like it one bit. After the hour passed, we realized that we REALLY needed to eat, so we set out to find some food. Everywhere we went was either closed or super busy, so instead we ended up going on Star Tours. Mind you, we are completely drenched by this time. After Star Tours, we went to Min and Bill's Dockside Diner, and got Frankfurters in Pretzel Rolls, which were definitely interesting. After we finally ate, we walked onto the Great Movie Ride, and had a guide that didn't seem to like us. We realized once we were done there, that we should probably head home. By the time we walked to the bus, and actually got on it, we were so wet it didn't even matter anymore. However, as soon as we got home, I took a shower and went straight to bed. This rain is super exhausting.

Today (Sunday)

Today was spent at the Magic Kingdom with Michelle and Morgan. We had a ton of fun, and they got awesome first visit buttons. Of course, my morning started off with me meeting my new roommates: centipedes. Yuck. I took a picture of one (there were five), ran down to housing, and asked what they were, if they were poisonous, and how to get rid of them. They are SO gross!!!! Luckily, the bug people are coming tomorrow to spray. I do not like being in my room now.

On with my story though! So, today started with a lovely boat ride from TTC to MK, and it was SO pretty.
Once we got off the boat, it started raining, and didn't stop for about two or three hours. My first stop was to get myself some awesome Toy Story ears, which are an entire story in and of themselves. We also ate at Casey's Corner, which has awesome corn dog nuggets. YUM! We headed towards Tomorrowland as our first stop. The first thing we did was TTA, which the girls enjoyed (I think). After TTA, we did Stitch's Great Escape, which was cute, but kinda lame. Then, we were going to do Space Mountain, but it was closed. So, we got a Fastpass for Buzz Lightyear, and then went to the Laugh Floor. Oh my gosh is that show funny! I loved it so much! By the time the show was over, our Fastpasses were good, so we went on Buzz, and had a blasty blast, of course. From Buzz, we headed to Fantasyland, and got a Fastpass for Winnie the Pooh. As we were getting that Fastpass, the machines spit out a surprise Fastpass for Phillarmagic! So, we went and did that. I'm pretty sure that is my favorite show, ever. After that, we went on Winnie, and then over to the Haunted Mansion. Of course, Morgan saw Small World, and wanted to do that, so we did. Definitely not my favorite ride. It was fun though. Our plan after Small World was to head to DTD, but instead we spent like an hour at the ears store dealing with issues about getting names on my ears. Let's just say, I paid for the names, and then got my refund in the end. I wasn't very happy. However, we did end up staying to watch the Electrical Light Parade, which is definitely my favorite.

Before the parade was even over, we booked it to the Poly ferry, so we could watch the fireworks on the beach. It was so pretty! We also got Dole Whips, which were pretty good. I got the twist kind, because I really don't like pineapple, but it was OK. I probably wouldn't get one again though. The fireworks stopped halfway through, because the castle caught on fire, or some such thing.
After the fireworks, we took the monorail to TTC, so we could catch our bus.

Then, we got home, and hopped on another bus to Wal-Mart. That was an adventure in itself. I made new friends, so that was good! Talking to random people is pretty fun. But now, its almost four, and I'm exhausted! Tomorrow I think Morgan and I (and possibly Isabelle) are going to hit the parks!