036 - 5/13/10

In exactly one month, I will be on a plane headed for Florida! I honestly cannot wait for this month to be over! Do any of you have any ideas for what I should do with J? I'm completely stuck. This ABCs business is way more difficult than I thought. Oddly enough, I've gotten all the crazy letters like Q and Z figured out. Today, however, is the letter I! I apologize that so many of my posts are about food, but I like to eat!



My New Year’s Resolution this year was to stop eating fast food, but In-N-Out is my weakness. If only there were any within a day’s drive from here! Honestly, In-N-Out is hands down, my favorite place to eat. I always get a number two, no tomato - with onions and animal style fries. If you’ve never eaten there, I suggest you try it. If you have eaten there, I’m sure you understand how delicious it is. The closest one to Carnegie is about a ten minute drive, and the area is a little sketchy. I loved going at midnight with a car full of people, but that’s usually when the drive thru lines are the longest. If you’re wondering what I’m even talking about right now, google it. Animal style is the way to go. The menu is simple, but their “not so secret menu” has some pretty good things on it. Boy oh boy do I miss those burgers and fries.

Inn Between

Between Main Street USA and Tomorrowland, there is a large CM eatery known as the Inn Between. I’m assuming it has that name because it is in between the two lands. This is probably the nicest of CM dining options, next to the Eat Ticket (I’ll talk about that when we get to T) of course. The Inn Between seems to have the most variety of food, at least from what I remember. They have a grill, for burgers and such, as well as a salad/wrap station and an always changing menu of specials. There is also a nice selection of quick food, like pre-packaged salads and snack foods. I loved getting the daily special for about $2 I believe. My favorite were the enchiladas. The chicken sandwich was pretty good too. If you’re working in Tomorrowland, Main Street USA, or even the main costuming building, this is probably your best bet for a decent meal. The building has two or three time clocks around it, as well as a really large eating area. There is seating inside, as well as on the porch. Below the porch is more seating, which is usually were the smokers like to hang out. If you look closely at this picture, you can see the Inn Between. It’s slightly to the left of the middle of the picture.

035 - 5/9/10

Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! The weather is slowly getting nice here in Washington, but not nice enough! Tomorrow it's only supposed to be 60 AND it's going to rain. However, by Friday we are supposed to be in the 80s. Anyways, today's letter is H!



I’ve been to Hollywood quite a few times prior to DCP, so to me it really isn’t any big deal. However, if you’ve never been, it is definitely worth going. Going to see a movie at  El Capitan is a really cool experience. It’s right on Hollywood Boulevard, you can’t miss it. Jaime, my mom, and I saw Bolt there when it was playing. The tickets definitely aren’t cheap, but it’s a fun off-property Disney experience. Toy Story 3 will be running from June 18 - August 29. If you’re there in time, check it out! It’s also fun to see the stars on Hollywood Boulevard. I’m pretty sure Walt Disney has a star, along with a few Disney stars. If you have a car and want a fun adventure, buy a map of the stars’ homes and go on the hunt for a few of your favorite! The maps are about $10-20, but they’re pretty fun.

Haunted Mansion

If you’re doing the fall program, then most of the time your in California the Haunted Mansion will be all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas attire. Before my DCP, I had never seen the Haunted Mansion Holiday, so it was a really awesome experience. Try to catch it once, before the change over happens in late September/early October. It amazes me how they can transform the Haunted Mansion into a completely different ride, practically overnight. I will say that the fall version is a lot less scary, at least in my opinion. Everything is more colorful, and all the Nightmare Before Christmas characters are hanging out. Another cool feature about the HMH is that every week, for thirteen weeks, a new advent is revealed on a huge advent calendar behind the loading area. Trust me, you can’t miss it!