028 - 4/14/10

Sorry for not posting for the last few days. I've been in a real funk. Luckily, I'm out of it now! You know what that means! 


Carnegie Plaza

These are the apartments that a majority of CPs live in. During my program, a few lived next door at Broadway Arms, but I never went over there. From what I heard, the were basically the same as Carnegie. The apartments look a lot nicer online. At least, in my opinion (and about everyone I know from my program). I've heard that some rooms now have bunk beds in them, but that is also new since my program. The apartments are all 2 bed/2 bath. They also have a washer/dryer in them. Its only one machine, and it both washes and dries. Except, your clothes never actually get dry. They will always be damp when you take them out. Its just because of the style of machine it is. It can be frustrating. Also, the elevator is extremely slow. I took the stairs almost every day, and I lived on the top floor. To be exact, I lived in the apartment on the top left in this picture. I even had the elevator break down with me in it a time or two. Not a very fun experience. Now, don't get me wrong, I didn't mind the place. However, the fact that I was paying $636 a month to live with three other people seemed like a rip off to me. From what I've heard though, the rate has gone down.

Cast Member Christmas Party
By the time the CM party rolled around, I had already been termed from my program. However, I managed to come down to go to Ellen the same time as the party. Usually, the party falls on at least 2 different nights, so that all the CM can attend. I think that every CM is given two tickets, but can receive more depending on the number of dependents they have. There are usually two types of parties. First, there's the mix-in party, which means that both CMs and guests are in the park at the same time. Then, there are the private parties, which are strictly CMs and the people they've brought with them. During the parties, you get 50% off merch and 35% off food (except ODV). You also get a free ornament and photopass picture! The parties were definitely a blast (I got to go to two) and something I would recommend doing!

027 - 4/12/10

So, I found out this morning that a guy I graduated high school with was killed in Afghanistan. Kind of an upsetting start to my day. I think I'm going to put off the next letter until tomorrow. Sorry everyone.

026 - 4/11/10

I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday! I was so tired, I fell asleep about ten minutes into SNL. Well, that means I made it 25 days posting without a break. I'm really enjoying blogging, and obviously 27 of you are enjoying me blogging too! Any who, today is the letter B!


Baja California Mexican Grille
This is, hands down, the best Mexican food I have ever had. The restaurant is located in the same strip mall as Von's. It's literally less than a five minute walk from Carnegie Plaza (the apartments CPs live in). Not only is the food amazing, but the prices are super cheap. The employees are really nice, and they have a yummy little salsa bar. Definitely a CP hangout. At least, it was on my CP.

Blue Sky Cellar
The Blue Sky Cellar is located in DCA, where the Seasons of the Vine Theater used to be. The Cellar opened on my CP, which was really cool, because CMs and APs got to view it before the general public. Basically, the Cellar is a really neat area where you can see the future plans that the WDIs have in store for DCA. When it first opened, the main attractions on display were the Little Mermaid ride, Cars land, the renovation of the Paradise Pier, and World of Color. Periodically things change in the Cellar, so I'm sure that the place is completely different now. It's definitely worth checking out, even if you only go once.