019 - 3/3/10

I'm officially done buying bathing suits! I bought another one today. I only had two, and now I have four. That should be enough for Florida. I plan on spending a lot of time in the pool. I absolutely love swimming. Today was a good day. My mom and I went to Southcenter, which is probably my favorite mall in the area. I'm exhausted now though. I'll probably be up early tomorrow, considering my grandparents are coming into town and we're going to brunch. I'm going to cut this short, considering nothing too exciting Disney-related has happened lately. I hope everyone has a good Easter!

018 - 4/2/10

Today has been amazingly productive. I feel like I've gotten SO much done. This is why I love coming home. I either accomplish a ton, or absolutely nothing. I woke up super early this morning. OK, so it was like 9:30, but that's early for a day with no school! Anyways, I went tanning and got coffee for me and my mom. When I got home, I got a nice little workout in with my mom's Wii. Yes, it is a real workout! After working out and getting ready for the day, we went shopping. I got some fabric for my sewing class and some make up at Sephora. Once I got home, I decided to do some cleaning. My mom is always saying what a mess the house is, and how she has no time to clean, so I decided to clean while she's at work. I'm such an awesome daughter. She sure did raise me well.

My mom has been looking into how much tickets for WDW would be, considering she doesn't want to use up all my Main Gates. She's so considerate of all my friends and family, isn't she?! She was considering getting a ten day pass that doesn't expire, but it is SO expensive! I'm pretty sure she's just going to buy an annual pass instead. It's cheaper than a ten day, and that way she can come visit whenever and doesn't have to worry about me being with her when she wants to park her car. I told her today that she should just move to Orlando and teach. She can get a part time job at WDW instead of working retail. She's so jealous of me and all these amazing opportunities I've had in life, yet she can have them too! I think she's going to put some serious thought into it!

I've also been looking into schools down in Orlando area. I really don't want to ever come back to Ellensburg. If I were to get my voter registration transfered to Florida AND get a Florida Driver's License as soon as I get down there, then in June of 2011 I would qualify for Florida state residency. I'm more than likely going to extend anyways, so that would work out perfectly. I've been looking into the Hospitality Management program at UCF. Tuition is over three times more for out-of-state so being a resident would be the only way I could afford it.  Keiser University also offers an Associate's in Fashion Merchandising. They're the only school anywhere near Orlando that offers FM though, so that's a little frustrating. I guess things will work themselves out how they're supposed to.

I really wish time would speed up just a little bit. Like, I would like for it to be tomorrow night already. I would also like for it to be Easter. It would also be nice if May could be here already, or possibly even June. I'm not ready for it to be June 14 yet, but as soon as I am, I wouldn't mind that either!

That's it for tonight!

017 - 4/1/10

It is so nice to be home! I feel like I haven't been here in ages! I mean, I've been here maybe a total of six hours in the last two weeks. I miss my baby kitties and my bed. Well, maybe not my bed, but the bed in the guest room. It is SO comfy. A few years ago, I spent an entire summer sleeping in the guest room because my room was a mess and that bed was too comfortable to actually clean my room. 

I went over to my neighbors house today. Now that is somewhere I haven't been in forever! They have a two year old daughter that I love to PIECES, and she's starting to talk so much! It's so awesome. She still is calling me Dayla though, which I guess I'm OK with. It's close! I miss watching the girls (they have a seven year old too), but it's really hard to come over whenever they need me when I don't have a car. Speaking of which, I got to drive my mom's car today, and it was a nice change to drive. I think you appreciate driving more when you aren't doing it all the time. 

The drive over to the west side was really nice today too. My friend Makayla gave me a ride, and we had the most amazing conversation. Its so nice to be able to just have a good conversation every once in awhile. Especially with someone you don't see very often.

On a CP note, I'm a little upset that there is already drama starting before we've even gotten to Florida! Personally, I think it's extremely childish and petty, but whoever is being disrespectful is going to have karma catch up with them sooner or later! The thing I hate most about the internet is that people suddenly get courageous and think that its OK to say things to others that they would never say to that person's face. Just because it's anonymous doesn't mean you aren't a coward. You shouldn't be saying things online that you wouldn't say to a person's face. That's the thing about me. If I have something to say, I'll say it to your face. I don't care if I hurt your feelings. I'd rather have someone not like me for being honest than have people like me for being fake. That's not how I roll. OK, sorry, done with my rant. I'm just really really annoyed with this. We haven't even met each other yet and people are starting drama over T-SHIRTS! I mean, seriously? It isn't the end of the world. If you don't want one, don't order one. End of story.

Anyways, not to end things on a negative note, but my lovely double batch of banana bread is almost done. Yes, I make killer banana bread. If you're nice, I might even make you some in Florida. I love love love cooking and baking. Especially for other people! I hope everyone had a good April Fool's Day!

016 - 3/31/10

I promised a longer blog today. It still isn't going to be long, but it will be a decent length at least. So, Tuesday was the start of Spring Quarter here at lovely Central Washington University. It was also the first day in my new place. Let me say, first of all, that I'm lovely my new place! It's so nice to be in a real house and have people and animals to interact with! Granted, it's an extra ten minute walk to campus, but the exercise is good for me. I've spent the last few days unpacking and getting settled, and I think things are coming along nicely. I was just putting up pictures, and over half of them are from Disneyland! I guess it makes sense though, considering I met two of my best friends down there. Those are probably some of my favorite memories. Especially the pictures from the night I got termed. It was definitely a bittersweet night, but we all had so much fun. Especially considering we had so many front-of-the-line passes, thanks to friends working on Nemo. Oh the perks of being a CM.

So, I've had all but one of my classes this week. They all seem really interesting. I'm pretty sure the four hours of sewing is going to kill me though! In my religious studies class, we have to attend a religious service and write a paper on it. I do not want to do that. Hopefully I can just watch one on TV and it will count! That kind of stuff freaks me out. I'm taking this class for the history aspect, not to go getting all religious! Luckily, my friend Elizabeth happens to be in the class as well. I sent her a text as I was walking into class on Tuesday, completely unaware of her being in the class! I definitely freaked her out when I sat down next to her and just stared at her until she turned around. Hopefully her being in that class will make things a little better.

My web design class seems simple enough. I took a 200 level class that was pretty much just the basics of this class. I love the teacher, he rambles on a lot and has an awesome accent! I wish I was more creative, but I'm sure I'll be fine. I got an A in the 200 level class. I just wish the class wasn't Monday - Thursday! Everyday classes are a drag!

As for my sewing class, let's not even get into that. I do not want to be in that class, and I would drop it in a heartbeat if it wasn't required for my major. I also really dislike the fact that almost all the FM classes are taught by the same woman, who also happens to be the head of the department AND my advisor. She is impossible and I have issues with her every time I turn around! The worst part is that she's teaching 2 of my classes this quarter!

My leadership class should be interesting. It is definitely an interactive class. I've only ever had lecture classes, so this is a nice change of pace. I only interact with others when forced, so in classes I'm always silent. In reality, I never shut up. How odd, right? I'm excited to see where this class leads.

The only class I haven't had yet is my fashion show class, which is tomorrow night. However, I won't be there, as I'm going home early for Easter. It was either go home on Thursday at 3, or not go at all. There is no way I'm going to miss Easter. An excuse to get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant?! I never pass those up! Plus, I get to see my grandparents, which I'm looking forward to. They live about 4 hours from CWU, so I don't ever see them really. They're hoping to come visit me in Florida, but it depends on their bathroom remodel, and how much money that ends up costing. Originally they were going to come down with us for my birthday, but now plans have obviously changed. I suggested they come in September or October. I guess we will see what happens!

Well, I'm getting really tired, and I'm pretty cold, so I think I'm going to head to bed! Feel free to comment or ask me a question on formspring. Those things really make me smile.

015 - 3/30/10

Another long day today. I'm so tired right now, and it isn't even 8:30! Today was the first day of classes, and they went OK. I'm so incredibly exhausted though. Tomorrow I promise to have a super long blog telling you all about my first few days of classes! I just need to get some sleep. Especially because I couldn't sleep at all last night. I was freezing all night. Not tonight though! I'm nice and toasty! Time for bed!

014 - 3/29/10

Today has possibly been one of the most stressful days of my life. I'm currently listening to Disney tunes on my iPod and attempting to stay awake long enough to type these few sentences. I got all moved, but I am FAR from unpacked. I'm pretty sure my room is officially a fire hazard. Tomorrow classes start, and I'm a little stressed about that. My right shoulder/neck has been killing me for the last few days. This would be a lot longer, but I just want to go to bed. Tomorrow will hopefully be more exciting!

013 - 3/28/10

I would like to start this post by saying that I love how much technology has advanced! Not only am I watching Food Network on my plane, but I'm also ONLINE! Granted, the internet access was a little pricey ($13 for the flight), but it is well worth it if it means I can chat on Facebook and be connected to the rest of the world during the five and a half hours I'm in the air. Well, at least, I'll be connected until my computer battery dies!

I'm really sad I left Hope today. I'm ready to go home, but I wanted her to come with me! She offered to let me take Hunter with me as we were leaving this morning. She said, "He's free! You can just sit him on your lap." Oh how funny she is. I love the boy to death, but it will be nice to not have to look up every ten seconds to make sure he isn't grabbing at something he shouldn't or trying to climb the stairs. That boy can MOVE!

I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long day. Luckily, my mom wants to sleep in before we head over to Ellensburg. Once we hit the road, we have a lovely two hour drive over Snoqualmie Pass. I never miss that drive. Ever. Then, we have to move everything from my apartment into my new pad (its funny when people call it that). Luckily, a lot of stuff doesn't need to go to my new place because the house is fully furnished. After everything is moved to my new place, I have to load up all the stuff I don't need for my mom to take home with her. Then, we have to finish cleaning my apartment, which mainly just means scrubbing down the kitchen. My apartment check-out is at seven tomorrow night, which is nice, because it means I don't have to rush to get the place cleaned. I could really use the $100 deposit anyways!

Everyone keeps saying what a hassle it is going to be for me to move out of my apartment for three months, just to move again when I leave for Florida. I don't really think it's a hassle though. In reality, it's going to be easier, since I had to downsize to move into my new place. It won't be so much work to pack for Florida. I'll only have to do a slight downsize, instead of going from all of my stuff to like a fourth of it. I feel like that would be really hard. Plus, I just took all of my winter clothes home last week, so that's always good.

My battery is dying and I want to make the most of the internet on the plane, so I think that this is going to be it for today.