032 - 4/28/10

So, today's letter is F. If Katie had it her way, this would be all about Fantasmic. However, considering I've only ever seen it once, I don't think that's enough to blog about. Especially considering it scared me more than anything (that phobia thing, you know how it goes).



So, I'm mainly going to talk about three things: places to get free food in the parks, the Blue Bayou, and Club 33.

 First of all, Mission Tortilla Factory at DCA is definitely my favorite place to get free food. Not only do you get a free tortilla when you do the tour, but if you're wearing a birthday button, you get a lovely bag of a dozen tortillas! Talk about a lovely free snack! Whenever my ex and I went to the park with his little girl, I always made sure I took my birthday button so we had a cheap snack for her. The Boudin Bakery right across the walkway also give you samples of bread. If they're slow, you might get a large handful of bread samples instead of just one or two. There also usually isn't a wait for the bread tour, and you don't have to actually watch the tour, which is nice.

My absolute favorite restaurant, hands down, at Disneyland is the Blue Bayou. It may even possibly be my favorite Disney restaurant EVER. Not only do they have a fantastic Monte Cristo, but the restaurant is inside a ride! Does it get any cooler than that? Honestly? I think not. Just a fun little tip for you: if you make the earliest possibly lunch reservation, which I believe is 11:30, you're guaranteed a seat along the river's edge. When I was little, every trip to Disneyland we would eat at the Blue Bayou. Also, you can only get the Monte Cristo for lunch, in case you wanted to try one, which I highly suggest. Some people are crazy about Dole Whips (I'm not a fan of pineapple), but my obsession is the Monte Cristo.

I'm sure most of you have heard of Club 33, but you probably don't know much about it. To be honest, neither do I. However, you can tell who works there because they have really awesome vests with 33 all over them in gold. You'll be surprised by how many people in the park are actually Club members or going with friends that are Club members. I've never been inside, except for the downstairs, which really wasn't that exciting. I've heard stories of CMs sneaking in, and a guy I worked with showed me a bunch of pictures he took. I've heard that the food is amazing, but also extremely expensive. You'll meet people that have connections to get in though, and I highly recommend taking those people up on their offers to take you. Seriously. I only wish I had the chance. One day, right? Oh, and you can cross train into Club 33, but the requirements are really intense. 


Kristin said...

Love the post Kayla!

Have you ever been to Orleans Cafe (I think it's called?)? My boyfriend and I are planning to eat there when we go to DL in a few weeks, so I'm curious how it is. We don't have a ton of money to spend, so I thought this was a good replacement for the Blue Bayou. Unfortunately it looked a little too expensive for our tastes, not to mention he is a vegetarian and saw nothing on the menu he liked!

Kayla said...

Thank you Kristin! I think you're thinking of Cafe Orleans, and it isn't really my favorite, but they do have a Monte Cristo! Well, for you of course, not your boyfriend. He could get the Three-Cheese Monte Cristo though. Can you tell it's my favorite?? Last time I ate there, I had the Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad, and it definitely was not something I'd suggest. The beignets are delicious too, for a dessert treat. They used to serve them at the Mint Julep bar, but now I'm pretty sure you can only get them there. I hope that was helpful. If you're strapped for cash, but want a decent meal, I would go to Racho del Zocalo. It isn't table service, but the seating area is nice, and the food is actually good. Plus, almost anything there can be made vegetarian.

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