005 - 3/20/10

Boy oh boy was today exhausting! I got some awesome shopping done, and the weather was gorgeous! Plus, baby Hunter was in a really good mood, which made the day that much better. I bought a ton of cute summer things. The fact that there are outlet stores for Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch totally made the hour drive worth it! I got a dress, four pairs of shorts, and a few tops. I'm so used to Washington weather that I don't really have summer type clothes. At least, not a lot. I went to the Disney Store outlet while we were at the mall, and I was pretty disappointed. That's probably for the best though, considering I really don't need to be spending any money on Disney paraphernalia. I'd rather save up that money for Company D! Oh, how I miss Company D.

I've been debating whether I should attempt to find a roommate before June, or just test my luck and wait it out. So, I tried to get paired up with a roommate on the DCP website, and it told me I wasn't eligible. I guess that means I'm going to just wing it on check in day! I might post a roommate survey on here later, but just for the fun of it. I'd rather end up with a horrible roommate assigned to me than end up with a horrible roommate I hand picked. Can you tell I've had roommate issues in the past?? I might just be a little bitter, please forgive me and take what I say with a grain of salt (that's the right phrase, isn't it?).

I feel like no one actually reads this. I mean, I have eleven followers, but I've yet to hear feedback of any source. Oh well though, I'm an only child, so I'm used to talking to myself. Plus, looking back in years to come, it will be fun to look at this, regardless of whether or not anyone else read it.

Seeing as how its almost 1AM, I feel like I should probably head to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a lazy, stay at home day. I'm looking forward to that!


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