047 - 6/10/10

I promise I didn't forget about my blog! I've just had much higher priorities. I've been busy cleaning TWO houses, and packing both of those houses on top of it. I've also been busy with finals and such. My last one is tomorrow at 8AM, and then my mom is coming to get me around 5PM. Saturday is going to be way too short, considering how much I need to accomplish. Luckily, I'm mainly packed. I think a lot of stuff is going to have to be mailed to me, but that shouldn't be too bad. This week, I've been selling a lot of stuff that I don't need anymore, and I made over $200! That's pretty good, considering I've already blown through most of my Disney money. I can't believe I only have two days until I leave! I spent all day yesterday finishing up Firefly, and then watching Serenity. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm so upset its over! At the end of Serenity, I definitely cried. Such a good series/movie though. If you've never watched it, I'd highly suggest it. Anyways, here are a few pictures of what I've been doing for the last few days.

I managed to turn this:

Into this (in less than 24 hours):

And I started packing too:
I'm pretty proud of myself, if I do say so. Since I took that picture of my packing yesterday, everything has managed to find its way into my actual luggage, which is good! Well, everything that would fit at least. So, I realized that in order to finish the ABCs before I leave, I need to post a few at a time. That said, today will be S, T, U, and V. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to post W, X (probably not though), Y, and Z. They're already mainly written up, its just transferring them from Pages to Blogger, adding pictures, and all that jazz.



My favorite place to shop, around Anaheim, has got to be Beverly Hills. More specifically, Beverly Center. This AMAZING mall is located right where West Hollywood and Beverly Hills meet. Jamie, Katie, and I stumbled upon it one day while we were sightseeing. Well, I think that’s how we found it at least. Beverly Center is a really nice mall, but they have inexpensive stores, like Forever 21 and such as well. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to clothing, so this was definitely my kind of place. They also have a PinkBerry, where they put Jaimen as Jaime’s name. That made Katie and myself giggle, a lot. I even took a picture of it, I thought it was that funny. There’s awesome shopping around Beverly Center too. I highly suggest checking out Kitson. Probably one of my favorite stores. All, like, five of them on the same block. No joke.


Team Disney Anaheim (Eat Ticket)

If you’re taking a class during your CP, it will most likely be in this building. This is also where Traditions takes place, where Casting is located, and where various training is held. In other words, you’re going to be here a lot for your first few days. The building is amazing, but I won’t tell you about all the fun things you’ll find inside. Well, other than the Eat Ticket. Even if you don’t plan on buying a meal while you’re in the building, just go check out the place! This is a CM dining option, and it is definitely the newest and nicest. Personally, I think that’s because it is mainly management and other CMs in the Team Disney building that eat there. If you’re luck enough to work in Toontown, you might have enough time to walk there on your lunch though. 


Universal Studios

I’ve never actually been to Universal Hollywood, but I’ve heard its pretty fun. To me, it doesn’t sound like there’s very much to do. I like going to rides, not wandering around looking at stuff. At least, not if I’m going to be paying an arm and a leg to look at it. Universal in Orlando seemed pretty decent, but I liked Islands of Adventure a lot more. I would say, don’t waste your money (yet again), but that’s just my personal opinion.


Village Haus

Village Haus is a QSFB restaurant located in Fantasyland. I’m not writing this post about that though. Well, not really at least. If you’re working in Frontierland, Fantasyland, or possibly even one of the ODV carts on Main Street, I would highly suggest going to the Village Haus CM location. The entrance can be hard to find your first time, but I was lucky enough to date a guy that actually worked there, so he showed me. The food is good, they have both CM only items, as well as items off their regular guest menu. Not only is it good, but its cheap and the servings are a decent size. The bacon cheeseburger is delicious, or at least it was two years ago. The only downside to VH is that the seating area is underground, and cell reception is horrible. I’m talking absolutely no service. Not a very exciting way to spend your lunch break when you’re all alone.