018 - 4/2/10

Today has been amazingly productive. I feel like I've gotten SO much done. This is why I love coming home. I either accomplish a ton, or absolutely nothing. I woke up super early this morning. OK, so it was like 9:30, but that's early for a day with no school! Anyways, I went tanning and got coffee for me and my mom. When I got home, I got a nice little workout in with my mom's Wii. Yes, it is a real workout! After working out and getting ready for the day, we went shopping. I got some fabric for my sewing class and some make up at Sephora. Once I got home, I decided to do some cleaning. My mom is always saying what a mess the house is, and how she has no time to clean, so I decided to clean while she's at work. I'm such an awesome daughter. She sure did raise me well.

My mom has been looking into how much tickets for WDW would be, considering she doesn't want to use up all my Main Gates. She's so considerate of all my friends and family, isn't she?! She was considering getting a ten day pass that doesn't expire, but it is SO expensive! I'm pretty sure she's just going to buy an annual pass instead. It's cheaper than a ten day, and that way she can come visit whenever and doesn't have to worry about me being with her when she wants to park her car. I told her today that she should just move to Orlando and teach. She can get a part time job at WDW instead of working retail. She's so jealous of me and all these amazing opportunities I've had in life, yet she can have them too! I think she's going to put some serious thought into it!

I've also been looking into schools down in Orlando area. I really don't want to ever come back to Ellensburg. If I were to get my voter registration transfered to Florida AND get a Florida Driver's License as soon as I get down there, then in June of 2011 I would qualify for Florida state residency. I'm more than likely going to extend anyways, so that would work out perfectly. I've been looking into the Hospitality Management program at UCF. Tuition is over three times more for out-of-state so being a resident would be the only way I could afford it.  Keiser University also offers an Associate's in Fashion Merchandising. They're the only school anywhere near Orlando that offers FM though, so that's a little frustrating. I guess things will work themselves out how they're supposed to.

I really wish time would speed up just a little bit. Like, I would like for it to be tomorrow night already. I would also like for it to be Easter. It would also be nice if May could be here already, or possibly even June. I'm not ready for it to be June 14 yet, but as soon as I am, I wouldn't mind that either!

That's it for tonight!


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